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Work Days

Work Day – stay tuned for the up coming work day

You must wear closed toed shoes, no flip-flops or sandals on one of the organized workdays. You should bring a water bottle. Pants are better than shorts given the work we are doing. Hats are good too.We have work gloves. No headphones, earbuds, cellphones or any electronic devices can be used during the work period. If people are using electronic devices they will be asked to leave. We have some big projects coming up and we need everyone’s good work ethic. It is not easy work. It could be hot, buggy, wet, muddy, dirty even smelly, but the work still needs to be completed. Again, if voluteers are not dressed properly we will ask them to leave. Sorry to sound harsh, but we have had students come out and just want to visit and really not do any work and resent our asking them to move wood chips in a wheel barrow or weed a bed. We get much more accomplished with dedicated workers.

Please check this site and the Facebook page to keep up with alternative plans, especially the weather.